Squaring The Circle

Time-tested playbook for rapid innovation and speed to market.

Commercializing breakthrough innovations consumers want

Our innovation process is a rigorous and iterative stage gated and AI-enabled playbook to rapidly commercialize breakthrough product launches from idea to launch in 12 -18 months. We build across five key 'stage gates'.

5 key stage gates.

01 - Concept Development

Our internal team conceives of and researches potential ideas to resolve various tensions for the Conscious Maximalist.

02 - Deep Discovery

We dive deep into a potential concept and conduct extensive market and competitive research, engage industry authorities, and form a preliminary view of the fundamentals of the business.

03 - Ideation & Innovation

We develop our Minimum Viable Assets (“MVA’s”), which include all the commercial assets for a business – brand, product, business plan, and agreements with key partners – that allow us to test the product and our assumptions in a live environment.

04 - IRL Validation

There is no substitute for actual feedback so we take our MVA’s and test them with consumer focus groups, industry experts, strategic partners and retailers for real-time feedback on the product as well as run digital smoke tests to validate consumer interest, demand and willingness to pay.

05 - Build & Launch

We bring the idea to market and build an extended leadership team to scale the business rapidly.

Better & Uncompromising
Provide a superior experience to existing products
Products underpinned by innovations in Bioscience
Brand that uniquely aligns science to consumer & cultural insights
Loyalty & Love, Not Acquisition
Engaging our audience via unique talent and brands in our network
Strategic Partnerships to create organic loyalty without over reliance on paid acquisition
Longterm Viability for Consumer & Squared Circles
Data collection via low-cost smoke tests, consumer interviews and IRL product demos
Creating a longterm economic structure that delivers our product vision, ensures consumer adoption, and creates a scalable and profitable venture.

Conscious Maximalist tensions around which we are currently building businesses:

Project Swimmers
De-stigmatization of Taboo Health and Wellness Concerns for Men.

Erectile dysfunction and hair loss have become mainstream foci for the Conscious Maximalist, but countless other health and wellness concerns from hair restoration to reproductive health continue to be considered taboo for discussion openly and among peers. Male Conscious Maximalists actively seek out new products and services with authentic brand experiences and community engagement that de-stigmatize core health and wellness concerns.

The average dad is 31 at their first child's birth

Only half of adult men report regular checkups, 2/3 admit to delaying doctor’s visits

~50% of men ages 18-44 reporting that their stress is completely overwhelming most days.

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Project Sumo
New and Disruptive Frontiers in Food Tech for Pantry Staples.

Conscious Maximalists are food curious and have a heightened awareness of ingredients and their impact on our bodies and the environment. They are constantly on a quest for disruptive products that can upend their everyday pantry staples but that are also delicious and better for the planet and body. Seed oils are a particular focus for the Conscious Maximalist. While they are a mainstay in everyday cooking, their inflammatory character and devastating impact on the environment through deforestation, make it a category for which the Conscious Maximalist demands new innovations.

In collaboration with Checkerspot

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Project Bolt
Quest to Realize Sustained Energy and Optimal Cognitive Output.

With an ever increasingly demanding work life, comes a quest for our Conscious Maximalists to optimize their output, in creativity and productivity. This has given way to an ever growing energy beverage category. Yet with the rise of the category has come the increase in caffeine inclusion, often above levels of what is considered healthy and leaving you with jitters and crashes. There’s a clear opportunity to develop a product which provides ‘calm energy’, a beverage which provides sustained energy and optimizes cognitive output and focus, without the jitters.

In collaboration with BioUp

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Project Squeaky
Delivering on the Promise of Cleaning Solutions that are Clean and Efficacious.

Post pandemic, there is an outsized emphasis by the Conscious Maximalist on solutions that can effectively disinfect our home and skin. However, most products that are clean (e.g. not toxic or harmful) are not effective disinfectants and those that are efficacious are usually quite toxic and harmful. Conscious Maximalists are in pursuit of cost-efficient alternatives to traditional cleaning solutions that are both efficacious (99.9% disinfecting) and clean/non-toxic.

In collaboration with Simple Science

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Project Lobster
Skin Health As the New Gold Standard in Beauty.

While skin care products have traditionally focused on cosmetic appearance and looks, the new gold standard in beauty for the Conscious Maximalist is protecting and strengthening the bodies’ biggest organ: skin. There is a strong demand for solutions that are both natural but high performing, and don’t compromise on any of the other important attributes for skin care products - look, feel, form and application.

In collaboration with Bolt Threads

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Project Genius Juice
Making Functional Medicines a Tasty Treat for Children.

Conscious Maximalist parents want their kids to be high performers, smart, educated and healthy but are often too busy to put in the hard work to get their children all the nutritional foods they need, especially something as specific as Omega 3 fats which historically has derived from fish based foods and diets; a notoriously difficult diet to sell to young children, but instrumental in brain development.

In collaboration with BioUp

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Project Breathe
A Safer Home and Healthier Body Through Improved Air Quality.

Conscious Maximalists recognize the alarming fact that indoor air pollution can be 2-5x worse than what we breathe outside, yet most home air purifying solutions are poorly designed and largely ineffective. This pervasive issue is often rooted in the petrochemical origins of our furniture, inadequate ventilation during cooking, and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the paints coating our living spaces. Moreover, there have been countless studies that have underscored the profound impact of improved indoor air quality, showing a remarkable boost in cognitive scores across multiple functional domains, including crisis response, strategic thinking, and sustained focus. As such, the Conscious Maximalist is on the hunt for well-designed, highly effective, environmentally safe, air purifying products and systems for their home and indoor spaces.

93% of population without clean air

54% of homes have worse air inside then outside

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Bioscience is at the heart of our incubations.

We partner with innovators in various fields of bioscience, bio-fabrication and biosynthesis and like-minded corporate partners, to build beacon brands and breakthrough experiences that disrupt legacy categories, shortcut consumer adoption and establish superior competitive moats. A few of our main partners are highlighted below.

If you are interested in incubating a new business with us around your innovative science IP or if your business is interested in building in any of our thesis areas, please contact us.

Food & Beverage

Squared Circles and Checkerspot have partnered on consumer product innovations in the food and beverage sector and continue to explore a variety of other applications for their algal oil.

Checkerspot is a biotechnology company that designs high performance materials and ingredients for a better planet. Their WING® Platform enables their biology and design labs to develop, test, and commercialize award-winning products that aim to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels and other unsustainable sources of oil. Checkerspot seeks to accelerate the adoption of renewable, biobased products that engage directly with consumers and show what is possible in industrial materials, outdoor recreation, personal care, and food and nutrition.

Food & Beverage

Squared Circles and BioUp have partnered on consumer product innovations in the food and beverage sector and continue to explore a variety of other applications for their liposomal technology in broader health and wellness applications.

BioUp Was Founded In 2017 with a mission to expand the use of life-saving liposome delivery technology and bring health-enhancing products to a much broader audience. Capitalizing on the team’s unique experience, BioUp quickly made a series of breakthroughs in the use of food grade liposomes, including patented formulations that provide a Natural Molecular DispersionTM for optimized uptake of supplemental nutrients, they drastically increase bioavailability.

BioUp products can provide a super charged nutrient boost to top up omega-3 levels, manage cholesterol, control appetite for weight loss and so many other important human functions. The breakthrough BioUp technology has taken liposomes beyond extending the lifespan of patients to supporting everyday health and vitality of people of all ages and lifestyles.

Health & Wellness

Squared Circles and HelloBiome have partnered on developing multiple skin care products that strengthen and protect the skin microbiome as well as conducting clinical trials to decode the skin microbiome of elite athletes.

Founded by pioneering skin microbiome expert, Dr. Elsa Jungman, HelloBiome is a microbiome testing platform that merges state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing with patent-pending AI-powered technology enabling breakthrough personalization, innovation, and claims.

Leading authorities and experts who help us navigate the world of bioscience.

We have engaged a world-class Science Advisory Board to advise and guide us on new and innovative breakthroughs in bioscience, the commercialization, application and development of technologies, and on industry trends, and regulatory compliance.

Our SAB is comprised of world-renowned experts in a range of fields including nutrition and food tech, precision fermentation and bio-fabrication and microbiome innovation.

Founder in Residence Program

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