Magic Molecule

Supercharge your healing power.

Supercharge your healing power.

Founded - 2023
Category - Health & Wellnes
Location - New York City, USA
Founder in Residence - Justin & Chelsea Kerzner

The Magic Science Corporation develops the most clean and efficacious first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle ever created, using the human body as its inspiration.

The problem for our Conscious Maximalist is that most ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ skin cleanser products don’t disinfect, and products that do, aren’t clean and harsh to the skin.

Our solution: Hypochlorous Acid. A compound so natural, it’s already in your body and safe enough to drink!!

Our formula is identical to the one found in the body’s white blood cells. It kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi within milliseconds of contact.

Pure, Effective and Safe.

A 3 part recipe. Water, salt, and a simple electrolysis process.
Kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria from skin and surfaces.
100% Safe. Suitable for all skin types and safe enough to use on a pacifier, dog toys, or in your eye.

24 Month shelf life.

Less than twelve years ago, it was considered scientifically impossible to stabilize Hypochlorous Acid for more than 30 days.

Our solution is made in the USA and has a two year shelf life and some unique, proprietary characteristics:

01Safe: Cytotoxicity rating is a ‘0’ which means no age, frequency or durational restrictions.
02Shelf Stable: More than double the shelf stability of any competitor.
03Patented Production: Patented Hypochlorous generation technology.
04Fully Regulated: Multiple regulatory approvals. One of the only FDA cleared & EPA approved solutions on the market.
05Production Capacity: Can produce over 500,000 units per month. Scalable with production footprint and manpower.

There are over one hundred ways to use Hypochlorous Acid, here are a handful of them.

Bug bite
Pink eye
Bug bite

Magic Molecule will upend a $189BN market opportunity in skin health, with one product that can heal multiple conditions.

Our Magic Molecule brand is built on loyalty and love, not acquisition.

As a result we’ve sold out inventory 4x since launch!

“Skin that’s calmer, with a more even skin tone, and more youthful appearance.”
"Successfully sped up healing on sunburn, acne, bug bites"
"Massively helped me with stubborn acne"