Algae Cooking Club

Earth’s best cooking oil.

Earth’s best cooking oil.

Founded - 2024
Category - Food & Beverage
Founder in Residence - Kas Saidi

Algae Cooking Club is a revolutionary healthy oil and fats platform offering chef-grade culinary products made from the earth’s original superfood - algae.

Our Curious Gourmands (a subset of the Conscious Maximalist) are increasingly food curious, seeking out new and unique flavors and ingredients for pantry staples. Cooking oils are a particular pain point, as backlash against seed oils rises and they demand alternatives that are better for the body and planet.

Our solution

Culinary liquid gold that is the most versatile, healthy and flavor neutral chef-grade cooking oil on earth.

01Amplifies flavors: Light and slightly buttery, this is a chef-preferred oil that enhances flavors unlike olive and avocado oil which overpower flavors.
02Highest good fats: More healthy Omega-9 Monounsaturated fats and 75% less saturated compared to olive and avocado oil
03Highest smoke point: 535 F, 125 degrees more than olive oil; highest heat unlocks tasty textures; creamy, crunchy, fluffy, flaky, tender.
04Gut healthy: lowest level of Omega-6 acid which is believed to cause inflammation in the gut and is a growing concern
05Lowest impact: 1/10th land and water usage of vegetable oil and one-half the carbon footprint of avocado oil.

Traditional cooking and seed oils have not evolved in the last decade and rising costs and planetary impact don’t make them a viable option long term.

Algae oil wins across the board and yields higher quality and the lowest planetary impact because it is fermented not farmed vs the leading alternatives.

But we’re not just a product, we’re a community that will catapult ACC into the food culture zeitgeist.

Supported by our Club Culinary Officer, Daniel Humm and Eleven Madison Park to create globally inspired cooking and finishing oil products.

The next big thing in food is coming to a store near you.

We’re already a top 10 food and beverage brand to watch in 2024 and we’re connected with over 100+ boutique shops and grocery stores around the country, so join the community and be a part of a culinary revolution!