How we Think
How we Think

We believe the world's status-quo is unacceptable and we support founders and leaders who have a real shot at changing it.

Investing in a better future

We see the emergence of a kinder and more sustainable world, powered by a new generation of businesses. A world where life's luxuries are redefined as happiness being the new rich, inner-peace the new success, health the new wealth and kindness the new cool.

Squared Circles is working with the most promising founders and businesses to catalyze change with radical, empathetic visions for a sustainable future.

Photography by Chris Schoonover
Rumour has it, another world is possible.

If the 2010s was a decade of obfuscation, the 20s must be the era of truth. COVID-19 has sharpened our focus on who and what really matters, and drained our tolerance levels for lying politicians, desperate influencers, profit over people and tone-deaf brands.

Realness is the new motive.

The emerging generations know all the mistakes that were made by those who came before them, and they are angry. But they are also willing to help – we need to listen to them and acknowledge what they want, before they get angry with you.

You need to build to last.

Instead of assuming that planned obsolescence is necessary for stimulating consumption, planned durability recognizes that technology and product design that is purposefully engineered to last longer is better for the environment and translates into fewer disruptions, fewer failures and ultimately drives down costs over the long term.

You need to tell a story beyond your profit margins.

Mindless consumerism, or shopping as a hobby, has increasingly cursed energy. For a brand to survive in a post-pandemic landscape it needs to offer more meaning to people’s lives than just transactions. Everybody is thinking about what they own, what to sell, where to live. These aren’t questions of simply buying and selling, they’re reflective of societies on the precipice of seismic change.

Relevance will only be achieved if you can add realness to their lives. Then, stay true to them whilst knowing you can’t please the entire universe. Not everyone needs your brand, and you don’t need every person.

Activists are your new heroes.

The culmination of the pandemic and BLM, has forced us to reevaluate our role models, and value the work of those who selflessly cut through the noise with real acts of heroism. With an increasing distrust in leadership, today’s audiences crave plausible icons who put social and common good first.

Establish your values. If you didnt have any before, you need them now.

Growth is good if it is controlled. If wild and unhinged, it becomes cancerous. For a long time we absorbed the idea that scale meant success, but current events have pulled back the curtain. What was being built for a healthy society while big business flourished? Not a lot. Culture will be left out of government recovery plans, and brands have an essential role to play in helping it survive and thrive. But it will take more than money.

Our wild-eyed embrace of Monomass and subsumption into it means that, in theory, we are more informed and more aware of culture than ever. But, as we stand on the brink of a radically different society world, we find ourselves at a fork in the road.

Let’s shape a better future, together.

We are not only hopeful of a better future, we are shaping it. That's why we are teaming up with visionary leaders we believe have a real shot at changing our trajectory and we help them deliver on their mission by making the impossible, possible.

Supporting United Nations Sustainability Goals

We work with Founders and Partners who recognize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and who redefine what it means to be a sustainable business in this day and age, by creating solutions for our biggest global challenges.

01No Poverty
02Zero Hunger
03Good Health and Wellbeing
04Quality Education
05Gender Equality
06Clean Water and Sanitation
07Affordable and Clean Energy
08Decent Work and Economic Growth
09Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
10Reduce Inequalities
11Sustainable Cities and Communities
12Responsible Consumption and Production
13Climate Action
14Life Below Water
15Life on Land
16Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17Partnerships for the Goals
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