Business Analyst Intern
Business Analyst Intern

We welcome those who not only believe we can make a difference but are willing to make a difference.

Our Research and Business Analyst Intern

In short, you’ll be a key player in deciding which startup ideas progress, and where we invest. Internships are typically designated for a fixed period of time (3 or 6 months) and may be extended / renewed depending on the circumstance of the candidate or have the possibility of converting into full-time positions with the Company subject to a mutual fit.

Job Description

The venture studio model involves continually evaluating new startup ideas. Once we identify a concept that has potential, we need to rapidly research so we can make a go/no-go decision on progressing to the next stage and investing further. As a Business Research & Analysis Intern, you’ll be researching a series of startup concepts at various stages of development.

You’ll track long-term economic and industry trends and patterns as well as consumer behaviors and preferences, becoming a subject matter expert in various sustainability categories where Squared Circles focuses. You’ll also help continually refine and optimize our evaluation process. For early-stage concepts, you’ll help create concise summaries of startup ideas using a series of innovation tools we’ve developed as well as readily available frameworks like Lean Canvas.

You’ll validate how widespread the problem a startup aims to solve actually is, conducting market and user research and customer discovery, as required. You’ll research potential competitors and investigate the cost of various user acquisition channels. For later-stage startups, you’ll work with our Founders-in-Residence to perform research as needed to help them continue to scale.

Ideal Traits

By nature, you are highly data-driven, analytical, and endlessly curious.

You are a voracious reader, able to digest lots of information, quickly.

You can “drink from a firehose”.

You can synthesize complex information into simple and actionable summaries,
particularly in the form of slides

You’re an expert online sleuth, a master of Google searches, always searching for new
information sources.

You have the ability to dial-in on the right level of research required, recognizing when
you’re hitting a point of diminishing return; where more information won’t necessarily
yield a higher quality decision.

You’ll be numerate and able to summarize data in Google Sheets.

You’re comfortable talking to potential users to get their quick assessment of a startup idea.

You have a strong bias to action, scrappiness, and ability to move quickly.

Experience in startups, finance, venture capital, and/or product management is useful
but not essential.

You’ll be comfortable toggling between working remotely and in person and have the
communication skills to make it work.

What We Offer

College credit or competitive compensation rates (depending on which is applicable).

High paced, accelerated learning environment Access to an unparalleled network of entrepreneurs, investors, brand builders and operators.

Ability to influence the incubation and launch of companies and consumer goods that will shape a better future.

Flexible work environment.

An empathetic, supportive, and inclusive culture.

Terms and info

Role: Seasonal Part-Time Internship
School Years: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Duration: 8/22/22 - 11/22/22
Location: Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Remote
Compensation: $1,000 per month ($3,000 total)
US Work Authorization: Not required

Submit a resume to careers@squaredcircles.com (Applications close on August 15th, 2022 at 11:59pm)

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