Lemonaid Health

Treating you better.

Treating you better.

Founded - 2013
Founder - Paul Johnson
Category - Health & Wellness
Location - San Francisco, USA

Healthcare is broken.

Healthcare has become increasingly unaffordable, even when insured. Medical care in the U.S. is far too expensive for many people to the point that people risk their lives and health to prevent becoming bankrupt. This is an even bigger concern during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare shouldn’t be hard. And yet, it takes days to make a doctor’s appointment and hours waiting in line to see one. The average waiting time for an in person appointment pre-Covid was already 29 days and an average run to the ER costs $1,333.

Solving Healthcare is a $3.65TN opportunity.

2020 was unmistakably the year of telemedicine adoption. As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, the healthcare system strained to respond appropriately. The dilemma for private practices was less about emergency care and more about how to continue providing services for patients when clinic doors were suddenly closed to in-person routine visits. Still 99.6% of doctor visits today are done in-person. Healthcare is the largest industry in the US and it’s only just beginning to move online.

Introducing Lemonaid, the healthcare provider breaking down barriers that limit people from getting quality healthcare.

Too many people in America can’t afford the healthcare they desperately need. Lemonaid Health is fixing that by combining great doctors with technology and an experience that patients love.
Paul Johnson, Founder

Treating you better.

Healthcare used to mean waiting. In a line. For a doctor. At a pharmacy. It used to mean “balance billing” and HMO and PPO and WTH? So Lemonaid set out to create a different kind of health care. One that’s simple. Where you’re in control. Because your time matters. With Lemonaid, you can chat with a medical professional without leaving your house. Or your bed for that matter. You can get your prescription from your phone. And pick it up at your front door.
With Lemonaid, you have the power to take charge of your health. And spend your time doing what makes you happy. After all, isn’t that what a healthy life is really all about?

Our Track Record As Founders

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Companies we've accelerated to launch

Why Squared Circles is invested in the future success of Lemonaid Health.

Lemonaid is the only nationally licensed D2C full stack telehealth company with a more broad offering than any other consumer telehealth company. Their care A.I. is making its doctors even smarter and more efficient making Lemonaid an incredibly differentiated Telehealth business. It’s the highest rated online healthcare app in the Apple App store with more 5 stars reviews than any consumer telehealth app. Lemonaid has instigated a healthcare transformation which can not be stopped.