MATE.BIKE - The Ultimate eBike.

MATE.BIKE - The Ultimate eBike.

Founded - 2016
Founders - Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton
Category - eMobility
Location - Copenhagen, Denmark

We are suffocating our cities.

Today, 55% of the world's population lives in urban areas, expected to increase to 68% by 2050. In the U.S. alone, car trips of less than one mile account for 10 billion miles annually. Potentially switching these car rides for an eBike ride would save 550 million USD of fuel and about 20M metric tons of CO2.

Fixing ‘the last mile’ problem is a $38.6BN opportunity.

Electric bikes are increasingly being adopted in many cities around the world as a solution to the "last mile" problem (too long to walk, too short to take public transport), as well as a green alternative to polluting vehicles.

Electric bicycles are on track to become the most convenient way for people to commute with a CAGR of +9% and an estimated $38.6BN dollar market globally by 2025. Yet to date the available options for electric bicycles have been limited, with most electric bikes being bulky and not designed with a discerning and style conscious urban consumer in mind, limiting broad scale adoption.

Introducing MATE.BIKE, the ultimate designer eBike for the discerning, environmentally conscious urbanite.

By making eBikes cool, sexy, practical and affordable, we wish to make bicycling the preferred mode of transportation for people and decongest urban areas.
Julie Carton, Founder MATE.BIKE

Kickstarting a biking revolution.

MATE.BIKE is on a mission to create what we believe is the perfect bike for any journey, any rider in any situation with great design that is fun and affordable while keeping cool functionality in mind. MATE.BIKE is a bicycle at the cross section of sustainability, fashion and technology.

...and burning man.
The MATE.BIKE is stacked with features such as a 6-speed computer.
The bike is not just fashionable, it's also foldable allowing for easy transportation.
With its all-terrain, fat tires the bike makes it your perfect ride both in the city as well as in the outdoors.
The bike has build a solid following of celebrities and influencers.
Showing up at key cultural events such as Coachella...
...and burning man.
The MATE.BIKE is stacked with features such as a 6-speed computer.

Different from any other bike.

Most electrical bikes today look incredibly unsexy, granny bikes, which are effectively traditional bicycles with a slapped on electric engine, foregoing any real design considerations. MATE.BIKE is a uniquely designed electric bicycle, whereby the battery is needly integrated inside the frame of the bike while still being foldable, fashionable and above all: affordable.

MATE.BIKE was even further adopted by the world of fashion after it’s unique collaboration with world renowned fashion brand Moncler. This limited edition run of the MATE.X has become a highly coveted eBike and fashion accessory.

Key market insights

Miles of car trips in the city of less than one mile annually.
Electric Bicycle units sold in the USA in 2019.
Estimated eBike market globally by 2025.

Why Squared Circles is invested in the future success MATE.BIKE.

With its unique DTC model with over +3,5M unique site visits worldwide, selling more than 25,000 bikes annually, MATE.BIKE is a clear eBike market leader. They have captured the imagination of the New Luxury consumer and have a real shot at fundamentally changing the way we commute in cities and beyond. They are making more sustainable transportation cool and desirable.

With recent launches in the UK and Japan and now the US, Squared Circles is a proud investor in the MATE.BIKE mission to revolutionize biking.